Miller Says Nike Air Max 2013

Brothers, fast janitor, Sky brother let me see the situation back door! Not many people in the control room, only three. One of them sat on a chair, watching the TV screen this, go back to standing in front of a young nodded. Church is our brother! The young man curled his lip, looking upward channel. How to look at the back door of the situation? Another youth sitting on a chair looking for a screen in the dozens, to find the back door of the observation screen, saw his eyes, shook his head, said. A person did not! Young speaker said. Told Sky brother, backdoor right, did not see the enemy! Sky brother let me personally to see one! Zhao Hui shouted back. M's, I say you do not believe? I say no is no! Sky brother so I must personally see it clearly. TMD, your kid can not understand people saying, ah, I said there is no case. Zhao Hui looking at camera, Han Han said. Sky brother is so accountable to me, did not see, I can not go back.

The young man turned to the door to see the screen, see Zhao Hui awaits one pair of nike air max 2013 a military coat Han is not much, at best, three hundred people, and thousands of his men who, in the absolute number of people do not suffer. Chen Tianyu usually just pampered, not involved in warfare, nor fought just see each other in a tight pressure pressure, feeling that the other numbers too much. As he commanded his men to go on top, cheap trainers 90 side to play to call. Miller says the other end of the parishes, in the control room. Parishes in the control room is a powerhouse, the general staff did not get in, aspects of a large iron gate a few centimeters thick, the camera inside the Central Control Room to control the entire building. Zhao Hui Long Hall wearing ordinary clothes brother, full of color with urgency, went door at the control room, forced Zamen. Tapping. Zamen deafening, even if there is a dead man, he can also be awakened. What happened? There was someone unhappy Hejiao soon. Zhao Hui raised his head, looked at the camera on his head, and cried.


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